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america this morning. >> stay with us for captioned by the national captioning institute >> it is the worst since we've lived here. >> drivers in the area spend the holiday cleaning up the mess from the weekend flooding. they poured into one metro station. "good morning, washington," it is monday september 3. >> happy labor day. we begin with that flooding that kept crews working well into the night. >> the storms sent water in the shaw howard university metro station and forced met reto halt service along the green and yellow line at five stations. crews spented night pumping
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water off the tracks. fortunately it is a holiday and so we will not see as much morning traffic as usual. the storms brought headaches for northwest d.c. it marked the fourth time this summer parts of the blooming dale neighborhood flooded. >> the flood came and my car flooded. >> he is one of a number of folks whose car was under water on rhode island avenue. >> the manholes are off the ground because of the power of the water. >> this is the fourth time this summer parts of this neighborhood have been under water after heavy rain. a number of residents have seen basements flood all four times. >> this is the worst since we have lived here. we had one or two other floods before but there summer i have never seen anything like it. it sis frustrating. >> the president of the civic
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association says this is getting ridiculous. although she is part of a city task force formed after it flooded three times in 10 days in july she says more needs to be done because people can't keep living like this. >> we have everyone's attention but we have to work harder. these folks needed an answer yesterday and it is not good enough to say we are working on it. >> to give you a sense of where the water was last night, you see the debris on this bike. that was brought here by the floodwaters. this is by no means the low spot. some spots were under four or five feet of water. a lot of basements flooding and folks reaching their breaking point. this is the fourth time this summer. >> this latest round of flooding is about two weeks after mayor gray established a flooding prevention task force to find ways to reduce drainage problems
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and reduce future flooding problems. >> you might want to think twice about outdoor activities today. we are in for more rain. we will check in with adam caskey. not a good day far labor day picnic? >> of all labor days today is not the best day for it. that is plan b and move things indoors. it is humid and muggy. 73 dulles and 76 reagan national and 72 in krupld. mostly cloudy. we expect a few areas of rain to develop this morning. then off and on showers today with downpours here and there. there could be more isolated thrash flooding because we have a lot of moisture and that has to be squeezed out by the storms later on today. there is a threat of localized flash flooding this afternoon and evening. it will be unsettled most of the
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week. we have rain chances through thursday with a lot of moisture, a lot of instability and unsettled weather partner with the remnants of isaac rolling through. we will be up to about 91 from thursday and next week could be a little unsettled. let's look at the roads now. >> thank you and organic. our labor day travel is off to an excellent start with the holiday. no overnight construction on the beltway. we are looking at a nice ride in virginia and maryland. on i-95 early this morning no reported trouble for you. all lanes are open. h.o.v. lanes are open northbound from dumfries to the beltway and continuing on 395 h.o.v. remains northbound. no overnight construction. a look at 495 and american ledge
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bridge. inner and outer loop travel moving well. no distractions to report for the start of the monday morning drive. >> 4:35 right now and a car filled with explosives ran into a vehicle from the u.s. consulate in pakistan. there are conflicting reports whether any americans were killed in the suicide attack. a state department spokesman said two u.s. personnel and two pakistani employees were in the vehicle and wounded but no consulate employees were killed. >> the body of a local navy seal will be brought back to anne arundel county. he died when his chopper went down in a fire fight. his body will leave dover air force base this morning and will come from route 50 to route 2 between 9:30 and 10 this morning then arrive in edgewater. residents are encouraged to line
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up along route 2 and pay their respects. a viewing will be held at the george p.kalas funeral home. >> it is 4:36 and turning to the democratic national convention in charlotte where crews spent the wind putting the finishing touches on everything. this is a time lapse of cranes statue build rps and other crews -- builders hard at work. about 35,000 are expected to take part. but don't expect to see president obama or vice president biden in charlotte today. he will be campaigning in toledo and vice president bidden will speak at a rally in detroit. we have more. >> it is time to move forward. that is the choice in this election. >> this week it is the democrats' turn to rally support behind president obama and his bid for a second term. >> the stage is set in charlotte with democrats filling their national convention the most
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open convention in history. democrats are using star power to get their message across all week including appearances by actors eva longoria james taylor mary j. blige. michelle obama and former president bill clinton will speak leading up to a large celebration thursday inside bank of america stadium. hundreds protested the program sunday. obama continues to criticize his republican opponents' convention speech. >> give romney knows that secrets to creating jobs and growing the economy. nobody bothered to tell us what they were. >> this president cannot tell us you are better off today than when you took office. >> a new poll shows the race a dead heat and another taken after the republican convention showed romney with a slight lead
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now shows they are tied with two months until election day. in tampa paul ryan asked the question without new leadership why should the next four years be any different from the last four years? barack obama has to answer that question. >> first lady michelle obama arrived today and mitt romney is using the week to prepare for the debates. >> gordon peterson and scott thuman will be there. you can look for their reports during abc 7 at 5:00 6:00 and 11:00. the secret service has run into problems ahead of vice president biden's speech. we are told a truck was swiped outside a hotel in detroit. the secret service won't discuss what was inside the u-haul but said the theft will not affect the vice president's visit. 4:38. 7
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72 degrees. we will go to the gulf coast for a look at the recovery efforts from isaac and what president obama is expected to encounter during his visit there. >> robin roberts addressing fans following the death of her
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>> president obama will visit louisiana to get a firsthand look at the damage left behind by isaac.
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it comes as they struggle to deal with the after as a matter of fact of the storm. thousands are in shelters. they are working to restore power to hundreds of thousands of people sweltering in the intense heat. those storms that moved through forced organizers to move the labor day concert. it was supposed to take place on the west lawn of the capitol but was moved to the kennedy center. the national symphony orchestra has held a labor day concert every day since 1979. >> time for a check of the weather. has the worst of the weather moved through? >> no, we have a few areas of lane. >> we have a tpaoufew storms up
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around manassas and manassas park pushing east and drifting east this morning. mostly cloudy. we will see it fell this this morning and into the afternoon and there will be some downpours as well. 76 degrees in the district 72 in frederick and 73 in manassas. mostly cloudy showers an downpours and heavy accumulations in spots. highs low to mid 80's. it will be unsettled most of the week with spotty showers and storms. very humid and hot. by thursday 91. >> on the roads right now very lit light volume. we have one trouble spot. howard county officials have shut down the intersection of waterloo due to a structure fire. we expect that intersection to remain closed for quite some
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time. if you are traveling toward the capital beltway from maryland on i-95 or b.w. parkway we have a pretty nice ride light volume for the holiday. and no incidents to report for you. have a look at 270 from frederick county into montgomery county this is what you will find. very nice flow of traffic moving freely northbound and southbound to bethesda. in virginia right now a look at i-66 and we are finding travel in and out of the beltway you are trouble free. now back to the news desk. >> the unification church will have a 13-day mourning period following the death of its founder sun myung moon died from ically indications -- complications of pneumonia. he turned it into a multi-billion business empire. he was 92. >> robin roberts is addressing
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fans for the first time since the death of her mother. she posted this message sunday. it reads heartaches too much to write about mama yet. being sunday day her favorite day we thank you for prayers, well wishes and support. she died thursday hours after robin said goodbye to "good morning america" to take medical loaf -- leave for a bone marrow transplant. her sister wrote that a viewing for their mother will be tuesday evening in gulfport mississippi. our hearts are with them. it is 4:45 and 72 agrees outside. come -- degrees coming up. why a virginia man who was once called a hero is now facing criminal charg i'm done! "are you
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>> a waldorf man charged in the death of an alexandria community activist will be sentenced in january. he pleaded guilty to lesser charges in the robbery. his bid was found in a well in fort washington in january after he was reported missing last september. in exchange for the plea the judge dropped first degree murder and kidnapping charges. >> only on 7 a virginia man who once called a hero trying to save a life is accused of a crime. his neighbors are coming to his defense though. >> his neighbors telling us this nathan portnoy who performed c.p. c.p.r. >> first time i had to do anything like this. >> is the same nathan portnoy accused of soliciting sex from a
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juvenile. for three months he communicated with a 12-year-old online who portrayed herself as an adult. investigators say he discussed having sex and they met at a park in bethesda august 24 near her home. she briefly got into his car and when she got out she was spotted by family members who followed the car and said portnoy pointed a gun at them. police say in the car they found a loaded gun and ammunition handcuffs, zip tie, rope black ski mask and boxes of condoms. but if his neighborhood they say it doesn't make sense. they said he is well liked and they are skeptical of the charges and believe he may have been set up. >> we did reach out to his attorney but are waiting to hear and neighbors say they will be in court to show support for him. >> since today is a holiday you should not have trouble on the roads but tomorrow will be a
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different story. the day after labor day has been dubbed terrible traffic tuesday and that is because of people going back to work and children returning to school. but transportation experts say the number of cars on the road on terrible tuesday is actually the same as august but the problem is everyone is on the road at the same time and making for heavier rush hours. we want to give you the chance to win a new ipad. you have until friday to sign up at we will announced winner one week from today on "good morning, washington." who doesn't want the ipad to make that traffic seem better. >> don't tuesday while in traffic. it is now 4:51 and 72 degrees. we will tell you about the latest troubles for the woman known as octo mommom and e-mails reveal promoters' concerns with michael jackson's comeback tour.
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>> monday morning, labor day. with heavy rainfall over the weekend and flash flooding we will look at some totals from the weekend so far. martinsburg 1.6, woodstock 1.58. morningside, maryland in prince george's county over an inch.
4:55 am
we have a few sprinkles on the radar mainly along and west of 95 in parts of prince george's and stafford and western fairfax county. not much happening at the moment but i expect the rain to continue to fill in throughout the morning. some areas around 7:00 and by noon more scattered showers and downpours by 5:00. high today 84. it is muggy. it will be an unsettled week with rain chances through thursday. it hrwill go back it 91 by thursday. >> the traffic is not bad in terms of delays on the key routes. we are dealing with a building fire in jessup. howard county officials have shut down the intersection of 175 which is water will you road at dorsey run road. that intersection is shut down and will be closed for quite some time with the structure fire. in terms of delays or incidents on key routes pretty good.
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this is the beltway traveling through prince george's county. we are looking pretty good past andrews air force base to the woodrow wilson bridge. a very nice ride on i-95 up through the springfield interchange and continuing on 395 to the 14th street bridge and southbound 395 making your way past seminary toward the beltway. back to you. >> hollywood is mourning the loss of hal david. you may not know him by name but you probably heard some of his songs. >> raindrops keep falling on my head just like the guy♪ >> that and what the world needs now is love are just some of the hit songs written by differed the he passed away saturday from complications of a stroke. he co-wrote dozens of hits with
4:57 am
burt bachrach and a number of others others. he was 91. >> some recently released e-mails revealed promoters were concerned about michael jackson's stability ahead of his comeback tour. the "los angeles times" obtained some 250 pages of messages from a.e.g. the group financing the concert set for london. in one exchange an executive said jackson was "emotionally paralyzed mess" and that he and jackson's manager had to dress the pop star. he passed away in june of 2009 before the tour could kick off. there are more problems for octomom. she's fired from celebrity boxing. not because there are questions whether she is a celebrity though those would seem to be fair. we are told it is after she broke another opponent's hand in a pillow fight and skipped out to on match in florida.
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she's taken a variety of jobs to pay bills including being a porn star. it is 4:57 and 72 degrees. still ahead. >> the republican national convention is over but an emcee chair and invisible obama make
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